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Leadership Qualities That Produce High Performing Recruitment Teams

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Make sure to register for our upcoming webinar!

With the added pressures of remote working and market changes, the qualities and skills required to lead a high performing recruiting team are more important than ever.

Join our panel of experts from Certn, Howard-Sloan Search and Dataroc Recruitment Firm as they share their advice about how to manage and mentor high-performing recruiting teams. During the webinar, Evan Dalton, Jase Casias and Aijalon Wallace will cover:

💡 Differing management styles and which are the most effective

💡 The importance of KPIs and the ones you can do without

💡 The best motivators for your team to reach peak performance

💡 The value of EI when managing and hiring your team

📅 Thursday 17th September, 12pm EDT

Register to join us via the link in the comments section below👇

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